“Isn't it odd how much fatter a book gets when you've read it several times?" Mo had said..."As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells...and then, when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower...both strange and familiar.”

Cornelia Funke, Inkspell

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Quote 4/23/14—Larry Wall

I have realized that I have missed another book quote Saturday. My grandson was here for an overnight stay on Friday night so Saturday morning was a bit busy for me and I just never got around to turning on my computer after he left in the afternoon. For the time being I am thinking I will have to give up the Book Quote Saturday posts. Because I do love quotes of any kind, I am going to start a new weekly quote themed post of some type; it may not always be a book quote.

Today’s weekly quote is by Larry Wall, who is a computer programmer most widely known as the creator of the Perl programming language, as well as a Canadian author. I only found one book by him however which was entitled The Road to Success Is Always Under Construction. It does sound like it would be a fun read.

“We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can’t agree on when it’s necessary to compromise.”

I love this quote and it does have a ring of truth to it. What do you think about this quote?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Musings! #39—Canadian Author Dies at Age 77

Has anyone heard of Alistair MacLeod? He is a prairie-born Canadian author who’s one and only novel No Great Mischief (published in 1999) won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2001 which was then worth $172,000. He is also known for his short stories his first one, The Boat, was written in 1968. I had never heard of this author but I had read today that he has died at the age of 77.

I took the opportunity today to look at his novel No Great Mischief and it sounds like it would be quite an interesting read. As I was looking for information on Alistair MacLeod it occurred to me that I do not read enough novels or short stories by Canadian authors. I am not sure why that is. I am Canadian and one would think that as such I would be excited by the prospect of reading something written by a Canadian author. My goal going forward is to find books or short stories written by Canadian authors and will read at least one book or short story before the summer is over.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Blogger Hop! 18/04/14

Book Blogger Hop

Here is a blog hop that I have not done in a while. I liked this week’s question and decided to play along and give my answer.

This blog hop comes from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer (click the link to check out how to join the hop).

This week’s question is:

Are your reviews more of a rehash of the story or do you comment on writing style, characters, and reflection?

My answer:

Generally I give the synopsis from the back of the book first and then I will give my thoughts on the book and how it made me feel and whether or not I liked the book.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vocabulary Challenge Day 30!

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been 30 days since I started this 30 day vocabulary challenge. This was a great experience for me and it was a lot of fun being introduced to new words. Some of the words that I learned were words that I had heard of but had not really used. There were also words that I already new (that is of the words I got from Word.A.Day).

Although it is day 30 of the 30 day vocabulary challenge, it may not be over for me just yet. I did learn some new and interesting words and had a blast trying to make sentences out of some of them so I may decide to keep on motivating myself to keep learning a new word each day. Would you like to inspire yourself to do something new? Why not try this easy vocabulary challenge? You do not have to do it for 30 days; try it for one or even two weeks...if you dare.

To finish off this 30 day vocabulary challenge here is today`s word:

Romeo:  noun meaning a man who is passionate lover of seducer.

Who would have thought that Michael would turn out to be such a Romeo?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Musings! #38—Weekly Quote and New Book Release!

Here it is Monday again and another week is upon us. I know that I was remiss at doing up a book quote for Saturday but time just got away on me. I am going to fix that today (sort of) by offering a weekly quote for this week:

“Each day a few more lies eat into the seed with which we are born, little institutional lies from the print of newspapers, the shock waves of television, and the sentimental cheats of the movie screen.”--Norman Mailer

As I was reading this quote the movie “Noah” came to mind. I have not seen it but from what I have heard the writers on this film did not adhere to the biblical version at all. So the cheat here is that when it comes to even a biblical account man can use his misplaced talent to place lies into our lives from the movie screen.

Now, onto a new book release! I am not sure how many of my readers have heard of Matthew Klein, but I was just reading that he has a new book out and it does sound like an absorbing read. The title of the book is No Way Back. Klein's has other books he has written and released and they are Con Ed and Switchback. If you enjoy reading thrillers then No Way Back may be just the book for you.
Has anyone read either of Matthew Klein’s previously released books? As I stated earlier this is the first time I have heard of this author and I was just wondering if his books are as good as they sound.

Today is day 27 of my 30 day vocabulary challenge. Here is today’s word!

Dogberry is a noun meaning a pompous, incompetent, self-important official.

“The new mayoral candidate can be a real dogberry when it comes to political matters.”